Maker’s Game Preview Wallpaper 1

By | September 26, 2016


“Playing as a sexy girl character can be fun in a normal game since you get to stare at her for hours and hours. However, you might not what to do that in a virtual reality MMORPG because the only way you’ll see that incredible body you customized will be by looking in a mirror.”

Maker’s Game premieres one month from day after Fractured’s page 356 concludes. Like the other three SapphireFoxx comics, MG will release one page per day, everyday.

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5 years ago

This looks very interesting! I cant wait to see what will happen. Oh the mayhem! Could you make a short series of the aftermath in Maker’s Game?

5 years ago

It definitely looks like a really promising! I am excited to see what this comic has to offer!

5 years ago

It looks nice by the picture, but be carefull that looks like sword art online plus I saw on youtube the new sword art online V.R where you wear a headset that scans you and it put you as the character in the game, so check it out

Reply to  JAMDOOM
5 years ago

The trapped in a game scenario is not exclusive to SAO. There are like 50 anime, manga, and actual video games that follow this theme. This is not stealing, it is jumping on the band wagon. I’m just glad it wasn’t called something stupid like World of legends, Evercraft, or League of Quest. Did anyone get these references?

5 years ago

Wow this comic sounds/looks really hot 😮

I hope there is someone who plays a sexy buff orc babe.

Reply to  TeeracK
5 years ago

I’m so with you on that one.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
5 years ago