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SapphireFoxx Pinups – Chris

Here’s a new pinup from our Lead Animator Mimi! This is her first solo male pinup, although from the looks of it Chris won’t be male for much longer. Typical Chris. There will be a new pinup coming in a few weeks, and as a hint, it’s a character with ties to Chris.   Everything SapphireFoxx: ⊹ Home:… Read More »

SapphireFoxx Pinups – Amanda and Lucy

Here’s a pinup of Amanda and Lucy from Becoming A Bridesmaid, drawn by Lead Animator Mimi! Becoming A Bridesmaid is now one of the oldest SapphireFoxx series, but it’s still a fan favorite. Speaking of bodysuits, there’s a new bodysuit animation coming out soon!   Everything SapphireFoxx: ⊹ Home: ⊹ Bonus Content: ⊹ Free Previews:… Read More »

SapphireFoxx Pinups – Phoebe

Here’s another pinup from Mimi! This time it’s Phoebe/Phillip from Earning Those Tips. If you haven’t seen Earning Those Tips, there’s a trailer of it on our YouTube channel!   Everything SapphireFoxx: ⊹ Home: ⊹ Bonus Content: ⊹ Free Previews: ⊹ Become a Subscriber: ⊹ Animations: ⊹ Comics: ⊹ Coming Soon:… Read More »

SapphireFoxx Pinups – Jamie and Scott

It’s been a while since the last time there was a pinup drawing from Mimi, but here’s Jamie and Scott from Shifting Roommates! She actually drew this a while ago and I completely forgot to post it, and there’s still another one she drew that will be posted soon. If you haven’t seen her other pinups, or the… Read More »

Jamie Pinup by Jeremy

Just like his previous drawings of Isabelle and Holly, this lovely pinup of Jamie was made by our Lead Artist Jeremy Pursell.