Only Fox Fridays Week 10

By | May 31, 2024

For Only Fox Friday this week the girls are hitting the gym again. Getting a figure like that is hard work, unless you’ve got magic, Sili-Gel, or a bodysuit!

Amanda from Becoming A Bridesmaid and Chloe from Mommy Makeover won last week’s fan vote. Anastasia is the new “girl” from this week’s one-shot Project Makeover. And if you don’t recognize the last lovely lady, it’s Alistair’s female form: Alice! So far she’s only been used in The Heist, but I’m considering bringing back female Alistair at some point after Awakening.

For this week’s poll, we’re bringing back five characters who have done well in past votes, but couldn’t eek out a win. Now they get a second chance!

Only Fox Fridays Week 11

  • Jennifer - Too Good To Put Down (32%, 68 Votes)
  • Leena - Maker's Game (19%, 41 Votes)
  • Andi - Wish In A Classroom (18%, 38 Votes)
  • Ashley - Ashes to Ashes (16%, 34 Votes)
  • Leanna - Love For A Price (14%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 211

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Only Fox Fridays Week 9
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JD Washington
15 days ago

According to Sam, there’s no Only Fox Fridays this week, due to them being behind in production. The next one will instead be posted next week.

Reply to  JD Washington
14 days ago

I just assumed because it was also the 7th this week so they had the animation this week as well that they thought it would be too much.

Reply to  JD Washington
11 days ago

Cinder Isle is like another form of supernatural mystery drama with medical condition on “Living With Infected During Quarantine”. Basically Stranger Things in little twist.

While Crossfire is sci-fi version

Joker: I know it’s heartbreaking to have your favorite shows preempted, but look what you’re getting instead: me! And a whole truckload of mindless violence & wanton property damage, everything that makes TV great! So stay tuned – you won’t believe your eyes.

Ooh, medical drama. Life and death stakes. Compelling human conflict. Ratings!

19 days ago

Item from Cinder Isle –

Are you desperate for perfect figure & dislike your current size? Introducing the Crimson Elixir! This red magic juice can give you well suited proportions by drinking it! There’s no very expensive surgery involved. It’s good for overweight customers as well to lose weight. No long gym workouts! No dieting! No problem! This potion is a great way!

Warning: Don’t consume this product too much or you suffer severe back pain

Reply to  kenwin07
18 days ago

Has the contagious aspects stopped?

Reply to  Ranmafan
17 days ago

I think if the non-infected drink this red water, this subject start getting sick until the changes are finish.

However if the infected like Mayor (before upgrade), Natalie, Sandra, Chase, Female Todd, & perhaps others with modest size to drank the magic potion. This individual is gifted with busty chest, curvy hips, and attractive hourglass figure.

Tg Guy
20 days ago

Please say we get an animation series about this adventure with Alice? Its fantastic already

Last edited 20 days ago by Tg Guy
22 days ago

Not gonna but Alice does have a great ass. I mean damn no wonder those DSc agents couldnt look away

22 days ago

I’ve been waiting for one of these where “Izzy” is Chris having mimicked her form. Thought that was the case here for a moment – but maybe we can get one in the future?

22 days ago

Bring in Emily or Veronica from the Ghosts of Emeralis animation 😄