Project Makeover

By | May 27, 2024

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19 days ago

Lesson of the day: “Dont be a dick” – Steven He

24 days ago

As a hater of fast fashion, this was already a real treat. Pros: There were some unique angles, such as when the heel ripped. The VAs were all great here, especially Aaron Dismuke’s SLIMY performance as Antonio. It makes seeing him get karma all the more satisfying. This one-shot is paced very well. Cons: Nothing major to speak of. 10/10. This one-shot doesn’t simply reuse the classic trope of an asshole getting karma via being TF’ed, but puts a new spin on things by inserting some clever commentary on the evils of the fashion industry that aren’t just the environmental… Read more »

Reply to  AuraTerrorbird
24 days ago

In the next chapter, I’m sure Kendall would rather work with Elsa’s Ablecroft instead of that “unprofessional company”

25 days ago

There was a typo at the end. It said “The End” instead of “To Be Continued”

Last edited 25 days ago by Altoone
Reply to  Altoone
23 days ago

I’m honestly fine with this being a one-shot, especially when we still have some long-running series that need to be wrapped up.

Stefania Marselli
25 days ago

One of the hottest girl ever created here

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
26 days ago

Lmfao maybe this bitch will be a better model than a hack who couldn’t do fashion to save her own ass as a guy.

Rayssa Sabrina
26 days ago

So she was the lady with a red jacket on the one-shots banner on the animation page. I was wondering why I didn’t remember seeing her in any other animation.

Besides, the first girl who left crying is Ryder?

John Cena
26 days ago

So Antonio as a female is no longer Italian? What happened to his, I mean her accent?

26 days ago

Caroline is supposed to be from New York isn’t she? When did she get a British accent?

Reply to  yumei
26 days ago

Maybe practicing for a commercial?

Reply to  Ranmafan
25 days ago

Msybe its the other Guy from the beach who got turned into Caroline

Reply to  MarkoDan92
25 days ago