Mommy Makeover

By | June 27, 2017

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85 Comments on "Mommy Makeover"

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Profile photo of laura g haston
2 hours 44 minutes ago

I should really subscribe so I can see all the things I can’t without paying hahaha

Profile photo of Sonja Valentine
6 hours 55 minutes ago

If this happened to me, can’t even say I’d be mad.

Profile photo of undertaker972
8 hours 29 minutes ago

Wow, what an irredeemable bitch. She just walks out on her family and turns Julian into her so she doesnt have to deal with them. And of course, she has to be a witch. Does that mean Eli is a half blood like Chris?

Profile photo of princess1
11 hours 59 minutes ago

So good

Profile photo of BarbaraPelletier
13 hours 22 minutes ago

one of the best stories you have had in many months. this is a throwback to what you used to be. thank you.

Profile photo of Rivers Shadow
15 hours 54 minutes ago

Makes me wonder if “Chloe”, is actually the original Chloe, given her desperation. Maybe theres been dozens of secret babysitters beforehand. Could be one of those transferable curse things like in Beauty of the Sea.

Profile photo of randall
16 hours 34 minutes ago

this would make a great series

Profile photo of umbramaster
19 hours 59 minutes ago

This is probably my favorite animation now! If I had my way, full topless nudity would be awesome. This was a great compromise, though. Thanks for listening and constantly upping your game! I would like to see more transformations in the series. I know you all have put a lot of work into the lore, the stories, and the relationships, and there is no artist who really compares. But for me, I’m here for the TG element. I’m very impressed with how far everything has come since the original deviant art days, but a lot of the animated content is… Read more »

Profile photo of Alaster Boneman
20 hours 10 minutes ago

what kind of parent just abandons their child and leaves it for another person to care for while taking away that persons life?

Profile photo of Heather
20 hours 59 minutes ago

I love your other comics but this one mommy make over is the top of my list

Profile photo of Heather
20 hours 57 minutes ago

to bad we will have to wait for August before we get to see part two I hope don’t make us wait for September

Profile photo of mozzarella
21 hours 22 minutes ago

Although only a one shot, it has the story and ‘holes’ as such to continue for another couple of episodes. You’ve left me asking questions and wanting to know more haha

Profile photo of PaulSello
22 hours 8 minutes ago

This is the worst. Your previous work was better. Sorry

Profile photo of Troy
22 hours 12 minutes ago

I think this one is the best one I seen.

Profile photo of Patslovah21
23 hours 43 minutes ago

Please finish Match Maker as quick as possible!! I have been hooked on both the comic and the animation. Please don’t stop with the crew and do everything you can to finish that animation quickly.

Profile photo of kronostar
23 hours 46 minutes ago

Really glad for the one shot and that more are coming, but as others have said this one could have been a bit longer unless the delinquent mommy is going to show up in some of your other series. Still it hit quite a few of my personal faves with becoming a nursing mommy.