Crossfire Page 243

By | August 2, 2022

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8 days ago

I really like janet in the black suit it looks really nice contrast since she is blonde and fair skinned,

Reply to  Raven
8 days ago

You would look good in it!

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
8 days ago

I don’t blame her. She’s hot af. I would like to keep a body like hers in check myself lol.

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
8 days ago

i wish that I could be young and limber again.

8 days ago

I really don’t like Sadie for being a racist.

Reply to  kenwin07
8 days ago

Really? Racist? We gonna go there? Pffft..

JD Washington
Reply to  necromosh
8 days ago

They ain’t wrong, though. Accusing someone just because of their race is literally the textbook definition of that term.

Reply to  JD Washington
8 days ago

The discrimination part reminds me of X-Men (humans and mutants) & Gundam Seed (naturals and coordinators)

8 days ago

janet is just starting to regain what memories that she had lost. and boy does she look better than she did when she was rescued . and glad noreli will tell garra everything when the time is right . and we don’t know if garra knew about what his people had created on planet odyssey or if he was a part of it . and noreli and the rest of the team just want to get the facts first before they ask garra if he knows what his people had done at their research facility on planet odyssey .

Last edited 8 days ago by shoeflypie1831
Reply to  shoeflypie1831
8 days ago

Down side to looking for need to know is its usually not given until after its obvious it was needed sooner. There is also the risk of missing out on things Gara might know that can help if he has info but isn’t on his government’s side. he did get burned by the warlords repeatedly.