Crossfire Page 242

By | August 1, 2022

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9 days ago

Wow, really? He’s a mercenary, not a scientist. Awfully narrow minded of them to lock him up when there’s no evidence either way he, personally, was involved. I just checked the page, He was there for plasma’s transformation, and said something that ended up being false. But being wrong is not evidence.

9 days ago

Garra was there when rookie first was transformed, then again when Noreli was transformed, I don’t remember if he was there when Dayla was transformed. Maybe they should throw him in with the Temptress and see if he gets transformed?

9 days ago

They are supposed to be a military unit. To me, that requires them to trust each other so they know someone will be watching their backs. If they don’t trust Garra to do that they should either discharge him from the unit, transfer him out of the unit, or lock him up until he can be court martialled. “Need to know” doesn’t wash in this situation. If they think they can keep him in the dark then they’re being stupid even for them!! What do they think will happen when (not ‘if’) he finds Janet. I’m sure Janet will be… Read more »

Last edited 9 days ago by IRememberJR
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  IRememberJR
9 days ago

Exactly. They aren’t acting like they are ex military.

10 days ago

while the crossfire crew and the commission are finalizing their plans the crew is pondering if they should inform garra about what’s going on . i don’t think that the crew should tell garra until they have all the facts first . because they don’t even know if garra was connected to this or not . let’s hope that garra is somehow not involved and the rest of the crew can tell him at a later time .

10 days ago

Before the confirmation from Temptress’ own mouth form, They were technically investigating why his people were there. Now they know the pink Glumine exist because of them. Gara really needs a briefing. No matter how it turns out.