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Different Perspectives Page 9

“Chris’s body is molding itself to fit whatever he wears. First his chest grows into two perky breasts, and now they more than double in size accommodate Scarlett’s bra. Chris realizes that his shape-shifting powers can be very customizable. Rather than turn into one woman, why not take the best features of several women to create the perfect… Read More »

Different Perspectives Page 7

“Chris has now completely turned into his sister (except for one part tucked away). Rather than freaking out from turning into a girl, his imagination is running wild with all the things that would be possible with his power of becoming whoever he wants. Then again, is the magic based on Chris’s body, or Jessica’s clothes? Jessica’s identical… Read More »

Different Perspectives Page 6

“Trying to find something that will change his head, Chris puts on a pair of her clip-ons to see if that does the trick. Seconds later, voilà! Jessica’s twin is now her identical twin! Chris discovers that changing the head also changes the voice.” Since things can become complicated in the future when Chris is transformed, his dialogue… Read More »