Waifu Tournament: Robin Vs Charlie

By | March 2, 2021

Day two features a face off between a MILF and a soon-to-be-MILF.

Round One: Match 2

Robin from Halloween Switch

Charlie from Second Honeymoon

Round One: Match 2: Robin Vs Charlie

  • Robin (78%, 262 Votes)
  • Charlie (22%, 76 Votes)

Total Voters: 338

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Yesterday’s Match Results:

Jazmin is the first waifu to advance to the Sweet 16!

Current Bracket:

Waifu Tournament: Jazmin Vs Jennifer
Waifu Tournament: Mary Vs Amanda
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1 month ago

Finally, I’m 1-4. Holy hek Robim is blowing this out

1 month ago

Hard to predict at this point. Jasmine’s the newbi but won last round but this round Robins clearly the favorite so far. I couldn’t really call the match ups at this point. Im 2-3 so far.

1 month ago

I always choose the underdog.

JD Washington
1 month ago

I have to ask this, just in case it happens in the future. What if after 24 hours, the poll ends in a tie? Would there be some kind of tiebreaker?

1 month ago

Easy Robin for me. Still rewatch parts of Halloween Switch from time to time.

Brooke Noelle
1 month ago

Ahhhhh my first L! 4-1 so far… and while Charlie’s super cute, let’s go Robin!