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Waifu Tournament Champion and Winner Prize Pool!

After 35 days of fierce polls, we finally have crowned a champion! Alyssa has won the SapphireFoxx Waifu Tournament! Prizes! In addition to the Alyssa pinups below, there’s prizes for every character who placed in the Top Eight! Characters eliminated in the Quarter Finals (8th to 5th): One-shot Animation* One-Volume Beyond Comic Characters eliminated in the Semi Finals… Read More »

Waifu Tournament Finals: Alyssa Vs Isabelle

Well, the whole Tournament came down to the two one-seeds in the end. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it! Enjoy Alyssa Vs Isabelle! Horizontal HD Wallpaper: Click here! Vertical HD Wallpaper: Click here! Alyssa from Getting Into Character Isabelle from Various Series Yesterday’s Match Results: Isabelle has made it to the Finals. Who will… Read More »

Waifu Tournament: Alyssa Vs Zoey

We’re almost done! This in the penultimate showdown in the Waifu Tournament! The Eastern Conference comes down to Alyssa and Zoey dueling it out to make it to the finals. May the best waifu win! Oh, and of course, he’s a new fine graphic to add to your collection. OG SapphireFoxx fans might recognize that popsicle. “There’s plenty… Read More »

Waifu Tournament: Isabelle Vs Robin

To celebrate the Final Four, each match-up will feature special… “graphics” of the waifus. Each will be made available as an HD wallpaper, of course. “Staying in shape is hard work. That doesn’t mean girls can’t have a little fun in the gym…” Horizontal HD Wallpaper: Click here! Vertical HD Wallpaper: Click here! Isabelle from Various Series Robin… Read More »

Waifu Tournament: Robin Vs Mariah

Mariah and Robin were the two best girls from the early years of SapphireFoxx animations. Now they’re going head to head to prove who is the better waifu. Quarter-Finals: Robin Vs Mariah! Robin from Halloween Switch Mariah from Stealing From Sis Yesterday’s Match Results: Alyssa is piling up the wins, but her margin of victory is going down… Read More »

Waifu Tournament: Alyssa Vs Caroline

We’re down to the Elite Eight! All the match-ups from this point on are going to be heavy-hitters going against each other! Everything comes down to these final seven matches. Alyssa from Getting Into Character Caroline from Godmother Yesterday’s Match Results: Lara kept it close against Isabelle yesterday. Current Bracket:

Waifu Tournament: Isabelle Vs Lara

The current comic protagonist, Lara, takes on Isabelle in Round Two! Some said recency bias was behind Lara’s win over Eva in the first round. Will that help her in Isabelle Vs Lara? Isabelle from Various Series Lara from Favors and Followers Yesterday’s Match Results: There have been some tough decisions so far, but those decisions will only… Read More »