Stealing From Sis – Wedding Bells Preview

By | November 16, 2019

Believe it or not, it was seven years ago today that the first Sapphire Foxx animation, Stealing From Sis 1, was posted. To celebrate this anniversary, here’s a preview of the new animation series that will serve as a sequel to Stealing From Sis!

“Set six years after the events of Stealing From Sis, Mariah and Tyler have adjusted very well to their swapped lives. One fateful day, the fox statue returns, but this time to pay a visit to Mariah and Tyler’s cousins: Michael and Hannah. Unfortunately for Michael, this is a very bad time for him to swap bodies with his twin sister…”

The new series, Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells, will premiere in early 2020. Oh, and Mel Helfin will be returning to voice Mariah. 🙂

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25 days 11 hours ago

Here we go again. It will most likely be a wedding to remember.

26 days 21 hours ago

Totally awesome!

27 days 23 minutes ago

What makes this better is we will hear Mel Heflin once again on this website. We haven’t heard her voice in any animations since the Halloween Switch finale (which Sam says will have resolution in a future story). Coincidentally that also marked the debut of Chris’s voice actor for this website as he voiced ash initially.

27 days 3 hours ago

Mariah and Tyler all grown up. Where does the time go ? Alistair’s timing couldn’t been more worst.

27 days 3 hours ago

Woo hoo!