Cinder Isle Page 352

By | November 15, 2019

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8 months ago

Weird question, but how long is this comic going to be?

The Emerald Panther
8 months ago

Hopefully they don’t break Gavin again.
With 75% of the population now female, the male population at this rate is likely to hit zero soon.
Great job on the stanza.
The guy on the tweet looks like a gold sorcerer.
Is the ferret in the tweet an arcane animal?

8 months ago

come on you can see that you are making Zoey more than a little upset with this line of questioning.

8 months ago

Aww man I wanna see the principal again…dang

Levi D Dalv
8 months ago

‘really close friend’ –> Zoey

8 months ago

Is this guy on the tweet going to be an upcoming new character?

8 months ago

I think Heather is going to tell them if Zoey and Gavin doesn’t give them a straight answer

8 months ago

To be totally honest with you two, Gavin and I had a 45 minute make out fest.

JD Washington
8 months ago

I just love it when Zoey wears makeup. For me, she looks prettier wearing it..

Love her outfit as well, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really understand and appreciate 90s fashion….

Reply to  JD Washington
8 months ago

Yeah, Zoey is very lovely with makeup and her spring outfit represents as a tomboy & look girly at the same time.

Even though she’s looks different, that doesn’t stop the Starlet to confront her returning cast and new member Natalie as well.

Starlet: You already wear makeup this time, my dear. That saves me from trouble to put you and your cast with proper costumes for the upcoming new movie.

8 months ago

to me zoey is going to make the other 2 wounder whats goten in to her she never been so protetive over given befor so i hope they ask if the kissed yet :}

JD Washington
8 months ago

Who’s that supposed to be in the tweet? A new character for a new series?

8 months ago


8 months ago

Oh zoey nice to see your being protective of your boyfriend :3