Cinder Isle Page 353

By | November 16, 2019

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The Emerald Panther
8 months ago

Time for the ghosts to come out.
Mariah and Tyler are going to have Déjà vu when Alistair returns for their cousins.
I wonder if they’re staying in Michigan or going cross-country like Becoming a Bridesmaid did?
Can’t wait for Two Sexy Errors tomorrow.

8 months ago

Um you mean pep talk. Preptalk is the art of talking somewhat monosyllabically and in an exaggerated, deep, manly voice. It is usually used by people classified as “preps” to make fun of others.

Reply to  Julie
8 months ago

Heh, I could have sworn I fixed that when I was copy editing. Whoops.

8 months ago

Really? Mel is coming back? Must’ve gone through plenty hoops for that one.

8 months ago

I think Natalie learned a few things from Heather during their sisterly time at the ski resort.

After all, she’s being a observant reporter at panel 2 & 4 with a little teasing on Zoey and Gavin.

Levi D Dalv
8 months ago

Oh, that looks like an interesting new Series… Well done Sam.

8 months ago

Zoey was only trying to help Gavin .

Mina Monet
8 months ago


JD Washington
8 months ago

Sorry, can’t resist making this. I’m so excited for the new series!
comment image

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 months ago

Given the small blurb about what the series is about, it’s likely that one of Mariah and Tyler’s parents and one of Michael and Hannah’s parents are siblings which would explain why Alastair is returning to remove the gender curse out of the cousins. Which ones are siblings will probably be revealed in the series.

8 months ago

Oh zoey. Your so cute where your defensive

Reply to  IronmanMK265
8 months ago

As well as Gavin’s awkwardness in this conversation.

Zoey and Gavin are so adorable together.

8 months ago

Looks like Zoe is finally starting to wear a little makeup 🙂

8 months ago

Zoey always make excuses when something humiliating but Natalie figured out the obvious.

Anyways, Zoey and Gavin should confess to Natalie and Shane since there’s real danger is coming ahead.

8 months ago

Will Maraiah(tyler) will get married to Gary

Reply to  Superuglydude
8 months ago

From the looks of it, the title “Wedding Bells” is actually about Mariah and Tyler’s cousin, Hannah getting married. Though it also looks like her brother, Michael, will be the one in her wedding dress soon enough. No word on if we’ll see Mariah and Gary get married in this new series.