Different Perspectives Page 296

By | July 24, 2015

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9 months ago

boy that christina really want’s to get to know derrick really well.

1 year ago

Hope he keeps trying, the more he tries and fails, by her experiment, the more time she has in control.

7 years ago

Haha I live in Seattle and know “Galaxy tower” as in the space needle is mad expensive. Derrick must have some deep pockets to afford 50 dollars minimum a plate. Haha enjoy your pricey date guys!

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
7 years ago

Yeah my dad took me there on a special night and my plate was the cheap one at 50 dollars. His plate on the other hand was 100 dollars 🙂 yeah we haven’t gone back…

Reply to  stonystanner
7 years ago

It’s a restaurant? I thought it was a place to enjoy the view and nothing more.

Reply to  theflame234
7 years ago

It’s both. There’s a viewing area above the restaurant that you can just go to for cheaper or you sit and eat at the restaurant and that is darn expensive. Also the restaurant is constantly turning the whole floor moves around so you can get a 360 degree view of Seattle 🙂 it’s pretty awesome.

7 years ago

Foxx.help Chris and Christine that will come life in their bodies.Christine flourish with Derrick and Chris with Holly

matthew kingston
7 years ago

look like the date going well keep it up Christina I wonder what going to happen next mattk

Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

Christina really doesn’t have all Chris’s memory if she doesn’t remember this place.

Christina has to make this date count if she doesn’t get control of Chris’s body in the future.

Reply to  Levi D Dalv
7 years ago

I’m guessing she gained all of the memories that Chris had made up until the time that Christina came into being at the clothing store, right after Chris created her body. She didn’t make new memories unless Chris was transformed into her, until she came to the forefront like she is now.

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  coredumperror
7 years ago

True if she was stirring before she woke up when Holly and Chris has sex that night, she would remember.

7 years ago

Maybe a compromise is in the future!

7 years ago

Christina is really starting to enjoy herself. Good for her. I think the reason that “Chris” is not getting along with “Chrisina” is not so much that she finally managed to hijack his, also her, body is that Chris is suffering from a split personality. Both are not two people sharing the same body as some would suggest. Christina is a female version of Chris, and Chris is a male version of Christina. Both of them are the same person. So splitting them into two different people is not the answer. Chris never had this problem when he changed into… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
7 years ago

I disagree with you on the whole split personality thing. The creating of Christina has mystical sigils and symbols. Granted, we don’t know what Chris’ mindscape looks like, but it should be assumed that he wouldn’t what looks like a transmutation circle in his mind unless he believed in magic, which we find no evidence of. It seems to be implied that Christina was created/unlocked/entered our world through some mystical means and last i checked a split personality wasn’t magic. I’m more inclined to believe the theory that Christina is Chris’ twin who was never born or was supposed to… Read more »

Reply to  Dukedukington3
7 years ago

Christina started right after he/she fell on the shoe salesman and his phone press in to his/her private area. Then the headache and the syboms.