Two Sexy Errors – Episode 11

By | November 17, 2019

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24 Comments on "Two Sexy Errors – Episode 11"

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3 days 16 hours ago

loved how into her new role Colleen has become

18 days 12 hours ago

DAMN! Those two definitely are enjoying their new bodies and roles!

18 days 21 hours ago

Anyone else notice that the bedroom looks like the one from online poser?

23 days 18 hours ago

Great, just what I had been hoping for!

24 days 20 hours ago


25 days 9 hours ago

So um, ok… I can’t say this for certain, since we don’t really know what happened to the family before the events of this series… but if they regretted only having one child, why did they even kick Miles out of the family? Shouldn’t they, like, support and love him no matter what happens or what his decisions are since Miles is their only son? This bigoted couple really weirds me out…..

23 days 11 hours ago

From the way their discussions have gone, the parents didn’t kick Miles out of the family, he disowned his own parents for treating him so awfully after he told them that he’s gay. It’s clear that Miles’ parents see homosexuality as a sickness and did everything they could to “cure” him by making him straight, and Miles hates them for that, as most people would.

22 days 26 minutes ago

You got that partly wrong Paul. Miles’s parents disowned him not the other way around. Miles mentioned that his parents disowned him in episodes 3 and 6.

24 days 23 hours ago

They were a religious couple and were presumably proud of it before they were transformed. Miles didn’t share the same beliefs as them and was homosexual. They tried to do so much “curing” on Miles despite that he constantly told them that there was nothing wrong for being himself. He was disowned when it became clear none of their attempts would work. This was the reason why Colin tried to use the auto closet to turn Ryder into a girl but that backfired. Now that their bodies have regressed in age and become more active and are capable of creating… Read more »

23 days 23 hours ago

“…were a religious couple…”, I find it hard for a fundamentalist couple to throw away their religiosity due to a man-made crisis. Being homophobic and watching gay porn to become straight again does not add up either.

Beside, foreplay for them before was probably washing dishes together (Or, some other non-automated chore/activity).

19 days 40 minutes ago

Its simple really. Colin was a gay man too, but he suppressed it with religion. He forced himself to be straight, as a lot of older gay men did. Now that hes a woman, hes letting his true feelings come to the surface and pretending to be straight again. He warmed up to the idea pretty quickly

25 days 12 hours ago

With two episodes left, things will likely wrap up for the finale.
Miles will be in for a surprise when he finds out that he has a baby sibling on the way.
This is really tempting me on beyond, even though I can’t afford it.
Does anyone know the name of the music playing at the end?

25 days 8 hours ago

Me too. Too bad with my current allowance, I can only afford the normal subscription. Adding insult to injury, I started my subscription just a few days after the Beyond site went live, so yeah I kind of feel left out… Eh, I enjoy the stories more than the adult content anyway, but maybe someday when I finish school and get a job…

Also, only one episode remains in this series..

25 days 15 hours ago

I think that miles will be surpprized by how Dad and Mom are adjusting to their new roles.

25 days 21 hours ago

I loved the foreplay and the sex scenes. Unfortunately for me, it had to be one of second least favorite couple (Dutch and Wanda are the worst for me) doing it.

26 days 46 minutes ago

Well… This is definitely making beyond a hard pass difficult…

26 days 48 minutes ago

I hope there is a happy ending for all concerned.

26 days 1 hour ago

Reaching out to the Ex….

26 days 1 hour ago

Auto-Closet has that capability. Looks like things are going to be a lot harder to reverse.

26 days 2 hours ago

So I guess they don’t know about Miles changing back.

23 days 10 hours ago

This particular episode takes place while Mila is on vacation in Hawaii. As far as they’re concerned, they still have a daughter, not a son. Not to mention, after what happened during the last time Miles and his parents met, I’d imagine they’re no longer talking to each other.

25 days 23 hours ago

Doesn’t seem Ryder knows either. Ryder will probably find out when when miles and Ryder go back to the auto closet and reveal their final decisions/deals to the auto closet company.

26 days 4 hours ago

As much as this is hot, I really don’t know how I feel between these two now. Considering they’re homophobes and they’re considering of making a baby, thus forgetting their old lives. Other than that this is sexy