Cinder Isle Page 354

By | November 17, 2019

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8 months ago

Gavin, nice lie with a minimum of misdirection. Now, why haven’t you had another makeout session with Zoey?! That Oscar performance of yours just now deserves some kisses in return from Miss Mystery Girl!

8 months ago

Gee, and I thought she was doing a Mrs. Robinson to a young “Dustin Hoffman” the Graduate, somewhere nearby! Didn’t think she was seducing her own spouse!

The Emerald Panther
8 months ago

I remember my first kiss very well, I can still picture it in my head after all these years.
Very smart of Gavin to misdirect Natalie and Shane with who he kissed but not the description of who he kissed.
I think they’ll be caught off guard when the ghosts show up.
Nice SF references.
I’m surprised no one mentioned the other SF “J” names like Jenny from Two Sexy Errors, Juliet from Stealing From Sis, and the ones JD Washington mentioned below.

8 months ago

I was never afraid to kiss a girl but I was 4 yrs old and don’t remember who.

JD Washington
8 months ago

Gavin may have lied about who he kissed with, but I don’t think he lied when he said that he finds “the girl in the red sweater” cute and attractive.

JD Washington
8 months ago

Very nice. 3 references to SF stories in one page

Jamie – Shifting Roommates (comic series)
Jasmine – Cheater’s Punishment (one-shot animation)
Jennifer – Too Good to Put Down (animation series)

8 months ago

Natalie: Gavin, this mysterious girl in a red sweater. Was it Zoey who kiss you?

8 months ago

How long until the truth will come out and reveal that zoey was the girl in the red sweater that kissed Gavin :3

Reply to  IronmanMK265
8 months ago

we may never know who the sweater girl is given that there could have been lots of girls in red sweaters at the resort.