Cinder Isle Page 355

By | November 18, 2019

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7 months ago

Never say never again

The Emerald Panther
7 months ago

Zoey seems conflicted on Gavin, this could delay Gavin and Zoey’s first date for awhile.
Natalie and Shane’s relationship is growing fairly quickly.
Splitting up in the woods at night is bad idea.
Never say never; one doesn’t always know how things will turn out in the long run.

7 months ago

I think that someone else might get a kiss before the night is over.

Reply to  jimmyinwhite
7 months ago

For sure

JD Washington
7 months ago

“Really big, mean one”? Is Shane foreshadowing their fateful encounter with that monster before they even knew about its existence?

Paul Sell
Reply to  JD Washington
7 months ago

Pretty sure he’s just referring to The Ex. She was noticeably taller than the other ghosts, and she was certainly the meanest.

7 months ago

Natalie and Shane going to kiss each other very soon.

Levi D Dalv
7 months ago

She is in DENIAL.

7 months ago

If Zoey didn’t like it, why did it last for 45 minutes.

7 months ago

Just a guess: this is a ghost prison for female ghosts. It could be a Long plannes Escape or someone accedentially opened a door – a little wizard for example. The ghosts agreed to transform the people of cinder Island into great looking women, so they can inhabit them – driving the original souls out of the bodies. After they took their new bodies they escape the Island by using whitchcraft – should be no problem to get around the mundane police. They can be stopped by putting them back into their jai. If the 4 friends manage to stop… Read more »

7 months ago

Oh Zoey, you know you loved it and wish to kiss Gavin again :3

7 months ago

Shane and company will get far enough ahead that Shane won’t be able to say he has never kissed a girl, it will only be a “friend ” helping a “friend ” with an issue. Like Gavin and Zoe.

7 months ago

Possibly there’s a double date in the future with Zoey & Gavin and Natalie & Shane.

I think Zoey’s wearing something cute like the off shoulder blouse from B.B. Jean at page 105.

Candi the Kitty Witch
7 months ago

Yeah right and I’ll Never Eat Candy again either :Munches on a Snickers:

JD Washington
Reply to  Candi the Kitty Witch
7 months ago

Well hey, that worked out for Shane..

7 months ago

Is it bad of me to say that I’m more curious to how Chase’s ‘detention’ is going right as the gang scours the woods?