MeowWithMe – May Comic

By | June 12, 2020

As a special thanks to all the amazing fans who’ve been supporting SapphireFoxx over the years, I’ve started a partnership with MeowWithMe to create additional SapphireFoxx comics! Meow will create three pages per month based around existing SapphireFoxx characters. I’ll post all three pages at the same time, around the first week of the month.

This first comic involves everyone’s milf mom: Scarlett! This is set sometime after Chris met Isabelle, but before she found out about Chris.

Stealing From Sis - Wedding Bells Preview
MeowWithMe - June Comic
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Frank Lee Madear
2 months ago


3 months ago

I like the art style

Reply to  Sylvia
3 months ago

Same, I like her Japanese style, looks almost like a manga except its written in english and the reading starts from left to right rather than from right to left.

BTW is your pfp from the anime called Kampfer?

3 months ago

The blue haired girl, i think i know who that could be ifnit not SF universe

3 months ago

Hey Sam are there two official plot lines? one for Beyond and one for the original SF or will Chris go magically trans here too? I guess I would have preferred that Chris and Izzy marry and raise some witches and warlocks while we watch both the parents and children go through the growth proper to their ages. We all know the children/teen growth stages and don’t mind seeing variations on them. But how about the worries of taking on a thirty year mortgage or how to feed and clothe the kids when money is tight? You’d have to make… Read more »

Reply to  MtnMan
3 months ago

The parents’ worries expressed here don’t seem to be SF canon (sp?)..

3 months ago

What happened to his beard?

Reply to  chasicle
3 months ago

It wasn’t a body swap, but rather a mutual transformation. So it looks like the magic forgot to give Scarlett a beard when it gave her Mark’s body.

Reply to  coredumperror
3 months ago

What about his mustache in #2 then?

Dani Franny Cami
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
3 months ago

I’m certainly not disappointed. It’s nothing short of amazing to see a collaboration like this and I’m very much looking forward to every new strip!