New Beyond Comic: Substitute Perspectives Volume 2

By | February 26, 2020

I apologize about next month’s Beyond Comic having a delayed cover page. However, I assure you that Substitute Perspectives Volume 2 will be worth the wait!

“After Chris’s incredible first night of sleeping with a man, the newly single Chris admits to himself that he’s bisexual. Wanting another chance to explore his growing curiosity, an opportunity arises as Scarlett is having issues at work with her boss…”

Halloween Switch: Girls Night Out will conclude on page 88 on March 5th. Volume Two of Substitute Perspectives will begin on March 6th! If you love Scarlett, then you’re really going to love March because we’ll not only have Substitute Perspectives 2, but we’ll also see her in Ashes to Ashes 15. 😉

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2 months ago

i would suggest to those who cannot subscribe to sf beyond to subscribe http://www.patreon-tg transformation .si you can watch similar stories

2 months ago

it s a shame i can t watch this because i m in the wrong country or not.emiliy.i m old 60 year

4 months ago

When this volume will arrive to us?
The date was march 6, but it’s march 15 now. I can’t wait to see.
Please hurry!

JD Washington
Reply to  almakukac21
3 months ago

This is only for Beyond subscribers, so this will not release here to us in the original site. Sorry.

Reply to  JD Washington
2 months ago

tisti ki smo starejši in ki smo v evropi ne smemo gledati sf beyond .a ne emiliy

4 months ago

I hope so, and just in time for my birthday.

4 months ago

rather than waiting for a volume 3, make sure that this volume is twice as long as the other beyond. I couldn’t wait to see chris-jessica again.