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Stealing From Sis 12 Preview and Website Attack

A few days ago the site went down for about two and a half hours for seemingly no reason. I’ve just found out this morning that the site went down because of a targeted attack by some hacker. It seems he was either trying to crash the site or steal the subscriber videos. Either way, it was likely… Read More »

Next Animation and Continuing GIFS

Hey everyone, I know you’re all excited to see the new animation that’s coming out soon, called ‘Becoming a Bridesmaid’. It’s coming, but I might have made it a bit too long because I’m having trouble staying on my schedule. I’ve been working overtime the last couple of days on it, so I am really doing my best… Read More »

Thank You and German User Issues

So far the number of subscriptions is well above what I expected at this point. Thank you all so much for helping to support me and the site. I can promise that I will be able to remain full time making content with this number of subscribers. Thank you all so much! ^.^ In other news, I’ve been… Read More » Subscriptions

Over the last two weeks, it has become very clear that ad networks are no loner the way to go. Each one I applied to either declined me or paid next to nothing. So, I’m here to announce that all my future content will only be available to subscribers of my site. Each month I’ll be releasing three… Read More »

Update and a Very Important Poll

This is a follow to this journal. I’ve been rushing to find a solution to this mess for days now, and I might be close to a solution. Ads are no longer a option it seems. I’ve already heard back from 9 of the ad networks that I’ve applied to, and I’ve gotten 8 rejection letters. The only… Read More »

The Fox is in dire jeopardy

It was only a month ago that my website had been approved by Google for advertisements, and that single-handily realized my dream of making TG content full time. However, things have really collapsed in the last 24 hours. Google has disabled all ads on the site due to mature content. I got a warning last week about it,… Read More »

Site was shutdown briefly

In case you were having issues accessing the website earlier, it was shut down for a couple of hours by my hosting company. Apparently the site has grown so large, that they shut it down because it taking up so much server bandwidth. I was able to put in a temporary fix, but I will need to find… Read More »