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Now Hiring for Full Time Artists!

TGArtist has been a great help on the site but has decided to pursue her musical career full-time. So, grateful for her contribution and wishing her well, there is no time to waste. The next animation would have been the first on site to be made entirely by TGArtist, but due to her sudden resignation, the animation is… Read More »

Updates to the Site: New Help Section

Thanks to the help of’s first employee, I now have the time to start making some much needed updates to the site. There will be more updates coming soon, but I’ve got the big thing finished. The long overdue Help Section has finally been added to the site! There are plenty of people out there who have… Read More »

Awesome News and Question for Subscribers

As much as you’ve all liked my work over the last 14 months, I’ve honestly felt like I haven’t been living up to my full potential. I’ve always been an awesome artist with a regular pencil and paper, but I’m awful at using a mouse to draw. I felt that the mouse has done nothing but slow me… Read More »

The Site is Back Up! XD

UPDATE: Yay!!! The site’s fully back up! Apparently a very important file was somehow modified and caused all the page URLs to get screwed up. I don’t know how the file got changed, but I was able to fix it. THE WEBSITE IS HAVING ISSUES AT THE MOMENT. I’ve contacted the website’s host and they couldn’t figure out… Read More »

Bridesmaid Sequel Preview and More Spawnfan Galleries

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you’re all having a good holiday season so far. There’s less than 12 days to Christmas and it feels like Thanksgiving just ended. It’s crazy how quickly time flies. Any-who, moving on to the new content, Becoming A Bridesmaid Part 2 will be coming out on December 19th! I’ve posted the Sneak Peek… Read More »

SapphireFoxx: One Year Anniversary!!

It was one year ago today, November 13th 2012, that I started my alias as SapphireFoxx and started making content. I never thought that in one year I would receive 2.7 million views on DeviantArt, 6 million views on YouTube, and run my own website! I thought that I’d take this opportunity to reveal the man behind the… Read More »

Email Issues for New Users

So I’ve just found out a big screw up I’ve been doing. A percentage of new users who sign up never get the activation email. This is fine because I can fix that issue as long as that person emails me through the ‘contact’ button on the bottom of the page. There are 8000 register users on the… Read More »