The Fox is in dire jeopardy

By | October 17, 2013

It was only a month ago that my website had been approved by Google for advertisements, and that single-handily realized my dream of making TG content full time. However, things have really collapsed in the last 24 hours.

Google has disabled all ads on the site due to mature content. I got a warning last week about it, then I immediately edited anything that could be considered mature. Despite this, they stopped monetizing my site yesterday. When I asked for clarification on what was still causing a problem, I found out that they have a ridiculously strict standard as to what is considered mature content.

As just a few examples, they cited a page that only contained two images of fully clothed women, and they considered that pornography. They cited ‘Crossplay 2’ as porn, where the most graphic thing in that animation was two girls hugging. Even pages that only contain user comments are listed if someone writes a single word that could be considered sexual. The list goes on and on, but Google considers anything short of Sesame Street as porn.


With the deal with Google as good as dead, I’m currently applying to any advertising network I can in hopes of finding a new one quickly. So far, the search is not going well, but I’m searching and applying as much as I can. The main problem is that most people and companies will immediately consider anything that is transgender as porn, even if there is no actual mature content.

To put it bluntly, without any source of revenue, the site, all of my future content, as well as my own livelihood, are in severe jeopardy. If the site can not be monetized through some source, then SapphireFoxx will be history.

If I can’t find a new advertiser, I will look into a paid subscription service as a last resort. This is not an option I want to take, but it would mean that I could make content without being subject to some company’s policy that could jeporize the site financially. If I did take this path, my content would be exclusive to subscribers, and I would make it as inexpensive as I could, so that it would cost $5 or less per month.

I really regret to say this, but all new content is postponed until I can get this mess fixed.



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9 years ago

Love the body suit angle!May be it won’t come off after the wedding!Interesting concept?

9 years ago

I love your stuff!!! I subscribed-$5 is the best deal out there!Wondering if you would use a personal picture to create a character?

9 years ago

Alright so here’s what I don’t fucking get, Google pulls the plug because of “mature content” yet they themselves have held within the largest stock of pornographic images within itself. So much in fact that it shows up when your not even searching for it.

Not only this but they are partnered with fanfiction and while it’s not an ad partnership, their partner nonetheless. I’m pretty sure that has far more graphic content than trangender.

9 years ago

I would pay $5 per month im from UK so that will be £3 to me really, not much tg related stuff on net and even if you was to look this is always going to come out in top 5 if not number 1 compared to other stuff. try and get in touch with the people at tg comics sapphirefoxx 🙂

9 years ago

well now i know why they think its porn because kid friendliness is spiked these days so I guess you’ll either have to make so the people don’t look changed at all or stop the TG animations to get the advertises back since they want even computer stuff very kid friendly or put a warning that every thing is make for older folks it’s the only way to prevent the monthly fee

9 years ago

Well then, Google is a bunch of idiots. I suggest you not try Yahoo!, Bing or any of the other major search engines since they are pretty much like google

9 years ago

It’s not that people can’t afford the 5 dollars a month, its they don’t want to pay 5 dollars a month with all the work you put into these animations. Its literally just over 10 cents a day which is mind blowing on how cheap people are. I will be glad to pay 5 bucks a month if you need to do a subscription process.

Reply to  Terminator0308
9 years ago

Thank you very much. I’m still holding out to see if there are more people like you out there.

Reply to  Auto_Fox_Reply
9 years ago

its not all we dont want to i for one cant because i dont have anything to spend money over the net i would gladly pay $5 if i could.

9 years ago

I have a solution for you and it’s actually fairly simple, though whether or not you’ll like it is slightly in question. If you can’t find an advertising group because they all consider transgender to be automatically porn… Look for the same advertising group that hosts on most porn sites. Admittedly this will strip away any visual distinction between you and porn in the eyes of these bigots, but… it is advertising, it does keep .com kids solvent and the ‘you don’t need them’ commission was, well, porn. Aside from the pink and the pumps it was my second favorite… Read more »