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Roslyn Hinton
14 days ago

Just a question the woman on the one short art work with the red jacket and the girl next to Elsa which one shorts are the form because it been bugging me plus I just curious so thank if you reply to this comment

Rayssa Sabrina
Reply to  Roslyn Hinton
7 days ago

The woman with white jacket and purple top next to Elsa is from “Crossfire Odyssey”. The woman with red jacket I don’t know, propably from a coming soon One Shot.

1 month ago

Please add more chapters of earning those tips

7 months ago

I don’t recall, but how does Holly get Chris’s transformation spell?

Edit: Never mind, just re-read DP and saw it

Last edited 7 months ago by Creeperlad121
8 months ago

please change male sex always instant magic, try using stories of forced operations on the penis and testicles being cut into a vagina, breast surgery etc

8 months ago

please make a story about men from the same village who are cursed to become women until they get pregnant and give birth

9 months ago

Would like to see a reboot and a part two of ‘The Date’. One of my favorite shorts.

James Caras
11 months ago

The animation gallery should be undated.

James Caras
Reply to  James Caras
9 months ago

I meant outdated.

11 months ago

I notice that “Christmas Wishes” (one of my favorites!) is listed in “Latest Animations” but not in “Animation Series” or “One Shots”. Perhaps a “Miniseries” section?