The Night Is Young – Episode 10

By | July 17, 2023

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9 months ago

While Jessica wins against Chris the first time, she also mentioned that she skipped ahead in order to do so. Knowing Chris, he will probably do the same thing by getting help from Isabelle so that Jessica can’t do the same trick twice.

9 months ago

TF2 Engineer: “Winning’s like science, boys: if you wanna steak, you gotta prove it!”

The episode was very well paced!
The fighting animation, while slow, made sense in the context of all that dialogue.
The chemistry between all the characters was GREAT!

Nothing really major to speak of.

10/10! Excellent! One of the best this year!

9 months ago

Jessica makes pink golem constructs which is appropriate. I wonder if Chris, Ashley, and Claire will get a chance to summon their own golem constructs (which will all probably be based on their preferred colors).

9 months ago

Maybe a later animation will have Ashley and Isabelle doing a similar sparring match like Chris and Jessica have been doing with Alastair himself being the referee to the match.

9 months ago

Well we now Isabelle will assist Jessica in helping when necessary. Debatable with Chris but he most likely will too in a worst case scenario. Don’t know about the persona names, but they will probably will call themselves knights too in line with their preferred colors (blue for Isabelle and green for Chris).

10 months ago

Isabelle really wasn’t kidding around with Alastair excelling at stealthiness since he managed to sneak under her nose in the Apprentice finale as various random animals before making it obvious by turning into a fox.

10 months ago

Even if Jessica follows Isabelle and Alastair’s warnings, it does not mean she will not make an enemy somehow. It’s obvious that a certain blonde sorcerer from Oregon will take revenge against Jessica because he shares the same last name as “Laurel” and the Dean.

James Caras
10 months ago

I knew it from the start. Alistair leaves nothing to chance.
Isabelle would be the first person he would tell and Chris
would tag along with Isabelle. I’m surprised Alistair didn’t
call Jessica grasshopper.

Last edited 10 months ago by James Caras