Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 16

By | June 17, 2023

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10 months ago

Mariah is gonna need some help with her relationship Alistair. Speaking of which, I wonder if Tyler is gonna tell Juliet about who they used to be.

10 months ago

3:40 I can relate when it come to poor timing sometimes. Pros: The voice acting was great, especially Mel Heflin as Mariah. The dialogue felt organic. Cons: There were a lot of animation goofs, in my opinion. This usually isn’t a big problem to me when it comes to SF, but when most of the episode is just dialogue, they become MUCH more noticeable. The two biggest outliers to me are the rapid-chewing background head at 2:58 and the clipping bracelet at 4:34. Alistair appearing at the TAIL-END of this episode makes its synopsis feel a tad misleading to say… Read more »

Alicia Mullens
11 months ago

Nice! Hoping Alastair can give my gal pal Kelly a hand too when he’s done with helping these lovelies out!

11 months ago

I knew it was Alastair being the unexpected guest. Alastair came in at just the right time as he can help Mariah with her problem with Gary.

11 months ago

This series is getting really good again.

11 months ago

only reason why Alistair would be there is he needs help with something.

Reply to  enjoyingorc6742
11 months ago

I’m not so sure, I think he just wants to collect the curses now that the twins have accepted their new lives. Him showing up seemed almost a little too coincidental, you know?
What could four non-bloods do for him anyway? Might be something he can do for Mariah though, either explaining it to Gary in such a way that he cannot interpret it as some sort of joke, or just tweaking his memory

James Caras
11 months ago

I knew it would be Alistair.

JD Washington
11 months ago

The “unexpected guest” at the end be like:

comment image

Reply to  JD Washington
11 months ago

General Huntington!… You are a bold one!

Reply to  JD Washington
10 months ago

I just remember something!

Alistair and Sylvana are like Goliath and Demona from Gargoyles

Both from very long time ago that involves sorcery but one saves and other want vengeance upon humanity

Goliath: It is the nature of humankind to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways.

A gargoyle doesn’t whine. He roars!