Christmas Wishes (3 of 3)

By | May 27, 2023

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Adrian Rivera
4 months ago

Love your work, would love to see more sex like the full service series
Will you ever show nudity?

4 months ago

Merry Christmas to one and all…in May.

The music and voice acting both fit very well.

The sex scene dragged ON AND ON!
Parts of the animation felt VERY wonky, mainly the snow at 0:23, the lack of Elizabeth’s toes at 1:00, and her hips at 7:55. Also, Tommy’s hair looks discolored around 6:11.

I’m…gonna get a LOT of hate for this, but I’m giving this a 4/10. It’s honestly one of the worst SF animations I’ve seen, mainly because that sex scene dragged it down so much. Even the wholesome ending wasn’t enough to compensate.

4 months ago

Not bad, kind of sad it devolved into more sex scenes. I really miss SF before all the XXX stuff. Also, are you sure Tommy is into women? I really didn’t get that vibe from him in this episode. Made it a bit hard to suspend disbelief etc.

Reply to  Kallen
4 months ago

“I really miss SF before all the XXX stuff.”


Reply to  Kallen
3 months ago

Same here. I miss those days as well.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
4 months ago

So her life as a gay man was that bad? Well, not too surprising, but I’m glad that the kind ol witch gave Elizabeth a new life.

James Caras
4 months ago

I guess they both got what they wanted for Christmas.

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
4 months ago

Great story wonderful characters.

4 months ago

Elizabeth and Amy are best friends just like Andi and Natalie from Wish In The Classroom due to memory change

4 months ago

Was their a reason for the change at 6:10 to grey hair and tied up.?
Feels like a big continuity error