New Beyond Comic: Augmented Reality

By | January 11, 2023

As much fun as the Beyond comic The Layover has been with its epic crossover-ness, volume one will be coming to an end on page 110. This means the next Beyond comic will be start January 25th. What is the next Beyond comic you ask? Well, the cast of Maker’s Game makes their long anticipated return in Maker’s Game: Augmented Reality! If you can believe it, January 11th today marks the fifth anniversary since Maker’s Game concluded.

“With the Death Boss defeated, the party of five finds a way to escape the digital world through a portal that opens. However this time, the nefarious Grey Mask will have something to say about those who defy his new prison world inside of the game world. How will things play out this time with half the group trapped outside the game and the other half trapped inside?”

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22 days ago

wouldve been nice to have a spin off with isabel’s body stolen by the villain but meeeh.

Sakis Diva
Reply to  jijipe
12 days ago

I would love to see this I have seen that page a bazillion times and thought of the “what if”

22 days ago

hey this comes out on my birthday! what a nice coincidence

JD Washington
24 days ago

It seems that in this comic, the double date between the siblings and their fake-soul counterparts would be happening this time.