New Beyond Comic: The Mavericks Showstopper Volume 2

By | March 3, 2023

With the current Beyond comic Maker’s Game: Augmented Reality having it’s first volume coming to a close soon, it’s time to announce the next beyond comic coming in a few weeks. The second volume of The Mavericks: Showstopper is coming March 19th.

“Brian and Alexis find themselves stuck in each other’s body after a magic trick preformed by the Great Haley Maverick was interrupted. With their Vegas vacation turned upside down, the couple tries to make the most of it by experiencing what it’s like as the other.”

This will likely be the final volume of The Mavericks Showstopper. However, who knows if we’ll see Jason Maverick and Haley get their own separate Beyond comic at some point.

New Beyond Comic: Augmented Reality
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8 months ago

Is that Emma?