Crossfire Page 41

By | January 12, 2022

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Reply to  SapphireFoxx
15 days ago

Femshep is better. but I understand

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
15 days ago

Exactly what i was thinking 🤣 same character too

Last edited 15 days ago by s1un1e
14 days ago

there are a alot of “boobs” around today

Last edited 14 days ago by pixilaira
15 days ago

Oh, poor Taylor! She has so much to learn and adapt to under less than ideal circumstances. At least she seems to have an ally in Angel to help her along the way. To this pointTaylor has taken everything amazingly well. Hopefully she will learn to love and appreciate the person she has become!

15 days ago

P. 38. Vs 41
If heels are against the dress code. Then why are suits made with them built in?

Reply to  necromosh
14 days ago

The dress code is likely a Crossfire-specific thing, and likely only applies on the ship. ENDO-suits are likely generic 40th-century tech, and thus may have some mods that aren’t allowed on certain ships.

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
15 days ago

the heels are because of shortened Achilles tendance and shifted bones in the feet from the attack from Gaia. the exosuit might be replaced in the city.

15 days ago

comment image Rookie, let’s go take you completely out of uniform in the conference room. You need a more thorough inspection.

15 days ago

hmmm yes I’m Sure the Commander could use some DICKtation <3

comment image

15 days ago

i wonder what kind of questions the captain would have for rookie / taylor ? and i also wondering if centurion and monkey will ever find the phantom or will the mystery female blob find them first ?

JD Washington
15 days ago

Angel: “This is the breast — I mean ‘best’ we can offer her at the moment.”