Crossfire Page 165

By | May 16, 2022

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1 month ago

Has Drake/Dayla always had the mark on her left eye area.

Reply to  mickayla
1 month ago

I mean throughout the comic, yes. I don’t think they were born with it… XD

1 month ago

me think the lady doth protest too much

1 month ago

Oh? Drake/Arianna? I can get behind that ship.

JD Washington
1 month ago

I-It’s not like I like you or anything, b-baka!!

1 month ago

arianne is giving drake now dayla a really big confidence boost that her / him really needs right now . and drake now dayla tells arianne about these over active urges that her / him is having and how hard it is to control those urges . oh wow i think drake now dayla has the hots for a crew member aboard the ship .

1 month ago

Dayla.are you will tell Arianne about your sexual fantasies

jimmy_d banthrall_2nd
1 month ago

Denile isn’t jut a river.