New Beyond Comic: Substitute Perspectives Volume 3

By | November 5, 2020

Unlike Valve, we CAN count to three! The third volume of the highly anticipated Substitute Perspectives is coming November 15th! This volume will be 50 pages long, so strap in for another wild ride with Chris.

“What started as a growing curiosity for Chris has evolved into an insatiable craving for men. With his days as a straight man perhaps in the rear-view mirror, Chris begins making plans for the future. With turning into Jessica and Scarlett no longer options, this new promiscuous vixen will need a body in order to stay on the prowl.”

Volume two of Godmother Setting You Straight will end on page 90, on November 14.

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3 months ago

Don’t see it must be form Premium Users

3 months ago

maybe chris can create a clone, so that he can continues tran to women to enjoy his sex. Honestly, I have a desire to see Chris tranform into his mom and makes love with mark,(his mom fiancé),that will be so……hot~

Last edited 3 months ago by yew
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
3 months ago

Please tell me that he transitions into a girl for life, or at least there are hard hints of that, plus him learning about magic soon?! I’m thinking about signing up just for Chris as a bi girl.

JD Washington
4 months ago

Oh my, another one…

Does someone know how many times Chris has transformed into a girl throughout all of the animations and comics so far? I wonder if anyone here would be willing to try counting all of them, because there are a lot…