New Beyond Comic: Setting You Straight Volume 2

By | September 9, 2020

I hope you’re all enjoying Too Good To Interrupt, but it’s time to announce the upcoming Beyond comic. The highly anticipated sequel to Godmother: Setting You Straight is coming September 26! That means Too Good To Interrupt will end on page 43. Volume 2 of Setting You Straight will be our longest Beyond comic to date at 50 pages.

“Several weeks have passed since the events down in The Bahamas. While Oliver’s body might have returned to normal, his relationship with Brooke hasn’t been the same. It turns out what happens in The Bahamas doesn’t stay in The Bahamas. If their relationship is to thrive, Brooke and Oliver must explore these new urges and cravings that both of them have been growing.”

By the way, we better get around to making a volume 3 of something at some point before we’re accused of being the next Valve. 😛

New Beyond Comic: Too Good To Interrupt
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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
2 months ago

Are they swapping genders?

Obsidian Wolf
Obsidian Wolf
2 months ago

There is no way she has a pennies!

Reply to  Obsidian Wolf
2 months ago

Brooke did get a ghost skin penis during the first Setting You Straight. So yes, it appears that Brooke has a penis for Vol. 2.

If you want to know why Brooke has a penis and how she got it, I’d suggest heading over to SF Beyond and reading the first volume of Setting You Straight.