New Beyond Comic: Doing Business As – Sealing The Deal

By | June 29, 2020

In a SapphireFoxx Beyond first, next month’s Beyond comic will be a canon addition to its original series. Introducing Doing Business As – Sealing The Deal! This comic takes place between episodes 6 and 7, in the period between Selina starting to wear Ghost Skin and becoming a woman full time. What happens here will play a big role in her decision to get the surgery.

“Spenser has spent several months making big moves running MTF Financial as Selina. The once small and soft-spoken man has grown into one of the fiercest businessmen in the city. However, his/her biggest break of all comes when a big money investor from Europe shows interest in her growing company. This partnership could make the difference between boom or bust, so Selina will do everything in her power to seal the deal.”

Page 1 of DBA will begin on July 11, and will run for 34 pages.

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