Cinder Isle Page 654

By | September 12, 2020

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James Caras
8 days ago

In any contract there is always a loophole.
Gavin just has to find it.

8 days ago

So Gavin hasn’t told Zoe about the special contract to be town stud. I guess he also worried about having his girlfriend in jail as murder, because if she finds out she would kill the mayor.

James Caras
Reply to  loliver04
7 days ago

It wouldn’t surprise me.

8 days ago

Alastair most likely heard Gavin’s thought about the deal he was forced to make with the mayor and will openly say something about it.

JD Washington
8 days ago

It seems that Alistair has regained his special ability: eavesdropping.

Gavin and Zoey still must be horrified after that thing with the Nurse weeks ago. Still, Gavin should take a deep breath and relax. Let the Nurse fix Alistair for the night, like before. Though, I want to hear Alistair’s suggestion first…

Reply to  JD Washington
8 days ago

Zoey / Zack: Gaela, don’t be a worrywart and let’s have fun together at the party

8 days ago

Why don’t you go as Gaela? Alistair to the rescue.

Reply to  JesFoxx3
8 days ago

This is immediately where I went with this!

Aaron R Wilson
8 days ago

Vegita: Why on Earth I’m the girl! Bulma, put my outfit on!

Bulma: What!

Vegita: Just do it woman!

8 days ago

Lol the look on Zoey’s face taking off the scouted….so Vegeta.

Reply to  Ranmafan
8 days ago

Vegeta: Don’t you understand, they can hide that power levels. Those ratings are useless.

Nappa: You mean like you two friends.

8 days ago

Gaela deserves a break from all the hard work to complete Alistair

8 days ago

See, even Alastair wants you to have a day off Gaela

Reply to  IronmanMK265
8 days ago

Alistair: Don’t worry about the mayor, Gaela. I’ll take care of the problem.