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Model Parent 1

  “A single father is having a hard time connecting with his young daughter. A mysterious shopkeeper and a familiar statue might be able to help him out. Perhaps he can connect with his daughter as a single mother.” This is my new longest commission, this time it’s for Thrandrall. You can see his other commissioned work on… Read More »

Stealing From Sis 10

  “The real Mariah comes home from work only to find her brother’s clothes hanging in her closet. What will be her reaction? But more importantly, what will the statue’s reaction be to someone who isn’t a guy? Perhaps it has a greater plan for Tyler and Mariah.” Hey everyone, I’m sure you’re all dying to see chapter… Read More »

You Don’t Need Them

  “A guy is frustrated with his lack of luck at picking up women at the bar. After speaking some poorly chosen words, maybe he won’t need those women after all.” This is a commission for someone who would like to remain anonymous.

Spread The Joy 2

  This is a sequel to a commission I did back in late March. Sequels for this series, as well as the other ones, will take some time so please don’t ask when they will be coming out.

The Body Builder

  “This guy is a body builder in more ways than one. I bet you wish you could do what he does, huh?” Here’s a short commission I’ve made for I plan on making more commissions for that site in the future. It was nice to make an animation within a few days rather than a few… Read More »

Model Parent 2

  “Being a single father isn’t easy, but being turned into a single mother can prove even more challenging. How can Amy overcome this and raise Elizabeth?” Hey everyone, I’ll be doing something new starting now where my animations will be made exclusive on this site for the first week, then I will upload them to YouTube and… Read More »

Crossplay 1

    “A guy wants to go cosplaying with his girlfriend, however he doesn’t like the idea she comes up with. He reluctantly agrees to crossplay (cosplay as the opposite gender). After he goes through an extensive makeover, he ends up liking the results…. Well, REALLY liking the results.” Guess what? Something that ISN’T a commission! This is… Read More »