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You Take It, You Wear It

  “A student breaks into the girl’s locker room to go on a perverted panty raid. In the end, he won’t be an intruder the next time he goes into the girl’s locker room.” This is a commission for Kenty1234. I love how this one turned out and it’s now my favorite besides Stealing From Sis. Why do… Read More »

Spread The Joy

  A commission for IamOnslaught. This one is my new largest commission to date, and there may be more parts to this in the future, if I can get things worked out with IamOnslaught. By the way, you might recognize the person who wrote the letter.

Perfect Maid

  “A guys orders a ‘perfect maid’ to make his roommate jealous. Although he never bothered to find out what a perfect maid even is. In the end, his roommate will be anything but jealous.” Here’s a steamy new commission. I love the sexy little vixen that come out of this animation, and I think she rivals Mariah’s… Read More »

Stealing From Sis 8

  I want to give a huge shout out to the two voice actors: Mariah’s voice: Mel Heflin Gary’s voice: Logan Frost I chose to dub chapter 8 as a test run before tackling chapter 9. This way the voice actors can get some practice in their roles and I can get used to editing audio.… Read More »

Stealing From Sis 9

  “As Tyler spends more and more time in Mariah’s body, female thoughts and feelings are slowly becoming his own. Now that several hours have passed since he turned into Mariah, he’s not just thinking like a woman, but he’s now starting to enjoy these feelings! How much longer can Tyler resist when Gary is looking cuter by… Read More »

A Big Popsicle

  “The fox has decided to become an entrepreneur and start his own small business. What kind of business? Selling gourmet popsicles of course! Here’s the case of a first time costumer who ends up loving this new brand.” Hey guess what? This is the first new non-commission that I’ve done in months. Hell, I think the last… Read More »