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SapphireFoxx Pinups – Miss Reed

I’ll give you one guess as to which project Mimi is super excited about getting to animate. A certain little ruby statue and her growing army of sexy minions will be returning soon.

Maker’s Game Preview Wallpaper 1

“Playing as a sexy girl character can be fun in a normal game since you get to stare at her for hours and hours. However, you might not what to do that in a virtual reality MMORPG because the only way you’ll see that incredible body you customized will be by looking in a mirror.” Maker’s Game premieres‚Ķ Read More »

October 2016 Previews

In addition to Maker’s Games coming in October, our three new animations this month will be The King’s Heirs III, Matchmaker Episode 4, and Doing Business As 6.

SapphireFoxx Pinups – Jessica and Scarlett

Mimi actually did this pinup a while ago, but it was just sitting on my computer for months. Oops! I thought this was posted already. Sorry Mimi! I got reminded because Scarlett will be making her animated debut soon in an upcoming episode of Matchmaker.

September 2016 Previews

Starting off the fall lineup, the September animations are Earning Those Tips 5, Matchmaker Episode 3, and Loyal Customers!

August 2016 Previews

August has a steamy hot lineup with Online Poser, Matchmaker Episode 2, and Doing Business As 5!

July 2016 Previews

Halloween Switch 10: The Finale, Matchmaker Episode 1: The Reunion, and Earning Those Tips 4 is the lineup for July 2016!