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June 2016 Previews

The first preview of the new Coming Soon system, and the return of three animations per month. Halloween Switch 10, My Apprentice V: The Finale, and The King’s Heirs II!

Speedpaint: Robin and Riley

In honor of the Halloween Switch series finale coming this Thursday, Sarah Wiedenheft’s new speedpaint is of Robin and Riley! Also, you might be already aware that the other character Sarah voices besides Isabelle is Robin. Swieden: ⊹ New Art Channel ⊹ Singing/Voice Acting Channel ⊹ DeviantArt ⊹ Website

Matchmaker Wallpaper

The cast of Different Perspectives makes their return, this time in animated form. Set in the summer after DP ended, during the events of Fractured, what trouble will Chris, Jessica, Christina, Holly, and Isabelle get into? Click the image for the full size wallpaper.

Fractured Wallpaper

I know this has been on the site for a while, but I’m finally uploading the high-res version for people to use as wallpaper. There will be a wallpaper posted for an upcoming series coming after tomorrow’s animation comes out. Click on the image for the full version.

Different Perspectives Wallpaper

I’ll be uploading new banners of our favorite SapphireFoxx series that are sized to be used for desktop wallpaper. First up, Different Perspectives, which is returning in July for a sequel as an animated series! Click the image for the full size version.

Speedpaint Mariah and Tyler

This time Sarah Wiedenheft has made a speedpaint of Mariah and Tyler from Stealing From Sis. Unfortunately some of the recording was lost, but she thinks she found the issue so it won’t happen on future videos. Who will she do next month? Swieden: ⊹ New Art Channel ⊹ Singing/Voice Acting Channel ⊹ DeviantArt ⊹ Website