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Isabelle Arrington Speedpaint

A new monthly series of beautiful artwork and speedpaint videos done by the new SapphireFoxx contributing artist, Sarah Wiedenheft AKA “Swieden”. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s the one who voices Isabelle. Which SF girl will be next? I’m really looking forward to that outfit appearing in a future animation! Oh, and April 29 is the… Read More »

SapphireFoxx Pinups – Jennifer

It’s been a while since we’ve posted one of Mimi’s pinups. Mimi plans on doing more, while I have a new person who will soon be doing bonus artwork, plus I have my own secret side project going on. For now, enjoy Jennifer from Too Good To Put Down! 🙂

SapphireFoxx Pin-ups – Mariah

Something Mimi has been working on in her free time. She’s done a few of these pinups, and might do more in the future. Maybe I could do a few in my style if I get the free time for it.

Nine Bloodlines: Gold

Day 9. Gold. Transformation. Who’s this new girl? What’s her connection to Chris? To be clear, this is NOT Chris transforming, it’s her. You can tell from the Gold mana mark because those are something that can’t be faked. I apologize for this last one being a couple of days late. While I am always ready and willing… Read More »

Nine Bloodlines: Ruby

Day 8: Ruby. Destruction. If it’s worth killing, it’s worth overkilling. Guess who’s making her overdue return in six days? Sylvana is coming back. Also, this was my favorite Bloodline page to make. 😀