SapphireFoxx Pinups – Chris

By | August 30, 2018

Here’s a new pinup from our Lead Animator Mimi! This is her first solo male pinup, although from the looks of it Chris won’t be male for much longer. Typical Chris. There will be a new pinup coming in a few weeks, and as a hint, it’s a character with ties to Chris.


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5 Comments on "SapphireFoxx Pinups – Chris"

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6 months 21 days ago

Who said genderfluid-ity couldn’t be sexy? 😉


I’ve said it before. Her new nickname: “Meme”i. Lol

10 months 19 days ago

This reminds me of when christina took over for her date.

10 months 19 days ago

Transgender on steroids but I could be wrong.

10 months 19 days ago

Chris has said on multiple occasions that he is not transgender, and there is no evidence to suggest that Chris takes steroids. He just works out a lot.