Shifting Roommates Page 211

By | May 14, 2014

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1 month ago

boy jamie has really lucked out in the girlfriend department with grace and heather . they are better friends for jamie .

8 years ago

I do like Jamies new heels also, can’t wait to see her in a dress, maybe one of Barbara’s ?

8 years ago

I really hate to ask but, are you bringing this tail to an end?

Reply to  Raven62
8 years ago

I have to admit I am getting a bit bored of SR now if there are not any more tg changes planned or revelations about the foxx I think its time to close this one down. Not to interested in a soap opera of an attractive girl living with a best friend and waiting for them the get it on.

Reply to  game0fyou
8 years ago

Disagree. Someone finding their own identity could be a very compelling story.

8 years ago

theres the hair thing again………..ears showing…..Hair style change……

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  alaskasteviedenise
8 years ago

Stephanie……Work style and Home style, get use to the Work Style.

Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Nice page, love the detail, can’t wait to see how Jamie’s person develops as being an official woman works.
Nice progression…..Wednesday….showing the main themes and plots

8 years ago

I hope the pale skin girl really likes Jamie I mean really likes Jamie 😉

Reply to  XloismustdieX
8 years ago

Me too, i got that vibe too

Reply to  Steve-OZ
8 years ago

I think both Grace and Heather like Jamie, I mean REALLY, REALLY like her.

Reply to  XloismustdieX
8 years ago

glad i am not alone… something is cooking… girls night out and then… suspense

8 years ago

Should there not be a girl the other girls don’t like. Girls can be really hateful and hate-able. It seems unfair to make all the men be complete jerks and the women friendly and nice. Men have feelings too yah know.

8 years ago

I love that she has friends in HR. I foresee that helping out a great deal in the future.

8 years ago

Intresting, I’m liking this comic more and more

8 years ago

Can’t wait for next one.

8 years ago

Great job! Well worth the wait! Keep up the great work!

8 years ago

There’s nothing in here 😛