Shifting Roommates Page 212

By | May 15, 2014

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1 month ago

boy jamie shure has 2 real great friends in grace and heather . i haven’t seen jamie this happy with herself in a long time .

4 years ago

Toronto lol

5 years ago

Screw New York and Screw Toronto for some reason

6 years ago

The map made me burst out laughing. great job!

8 years ago

Dat fivehead.

8 years ago

Jamie is doing good in her transition to a full woman right now. Wonder if she’ll be having sex soon.
Also wonder how the comic and story would’ve went if it had been Scott who was changed into a woman, and not Jamie, or if both Scott and Jamie had both become women.

Wonder what the female version of the name of Scott is.

8 years ago

Sapphire, u forgot the word “not” in the 2nd thought bubble in panel 4

8 years ago

This comic literally has no end to it, this panel proves it. No climactic conclusion in the foreseeable future. We’re 212 pages in and the story is still building UP. Side note, does Sapphirefoxx have something against Toronto, Canada? Lol

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

Great! I love the comic but you can only go so far before it becomes repetitive and boring. Much appreciated.

Reply to  rpg1031
8 years ago

Now you can do flashbacks on how Grace was once Graham. 🙂

Reply to  rpg1031
7 years ago

Agreed what’s anyone got against Canada. Represent!!

8 years ago

poor jamie, in addition to her transformation, she must also lie about her sexual orientation

Shadow Doctrine
8 years ago

Jamie I do understand your logic. We all don’t want to admit our sexual assortments at first to everyone. Beside does she really know? We want to get closer to someone before going there. Again SF, that is nice work.

8 years ago

In the last panel, I don’t know whether this is just me, but her arms seem to be sticking out to much and it just appears a bit unnatural to me. In my opinion, they should be a little bit closer to the body. But other than that, looks good!

8 years ago

Jamie is setting up Barbara for a fall to get to Scott.

8 years ago

Good work on this awesome page as always! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next page! I am also looking forward to your latest Animation as well!

8 years ago

maybe jamie will be invited heather and grace at a rave party.

8 years ago

Eliciting a at chuckle at that “regions to expand” map in the background. 🙂