Old School Crossfire

By | March 12, 2022

To celebrate the 100th page of Crossfire, I wanted to share the original inspiration of this comic. Back when I was in high school, I worked on a bunch of various comics, card games, and video games as a hobby in my free time. One of those comics I did in high school was “Outpost Crossfire”, which was a comedic comic that was essentially a cross between Red Vs Blue and Garfield.

Unlike the modern Crossfire who are traveling mercenaries, this Crossfire was a band of marines stationed at some backwater outpost. Four of the original cast made it to the new TG-themed comic, with Arianne serving as the Rookie in the series. While these old comics are in no way canon, they are a fun read to glimpse into the past 15 years ago and see where the foundations of Crossfire came from.

You can check out all 28 pages of the original Crossfire below!

Comic 1: Introductions

Comic 2: Target Practice

Comic 3: Manly Man

Comic 4: Perfectly Balanced

Comic 5: Big Money

Comic 6: Sleeping Troubles

Comic 7: Solitude


Crossfire Characters: Guardian
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Reply to  SapphireFoxx
1 year ago

sam you’re on your way to become the next charles schultz . and for those who do not know who charles schultz is he is the creator of the peanuts comic strip . and if you or your viewers would like to learn more about him i would suggest that you or your viewers go to the library or bookstore to get a book called peanuts a golden celebration the art and the story of the world’s best -loved comic strip written by him if you or your viewers are interested .

3 months ago

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Last edited 3 months ago by sophieblackiss
1 year ago

Damn! I wish I has those drawing skills back in high school!

1 year ago

Reminds me of Tenchi Muyo

JD Washington
1 year ago

15 years ago, damn, a long time ever since. Fast forward today, you’re making quality comics for many people to read.

If I were an artist, I would be inspired by the evolution that your art & craft went through. So yeah, keep up the good work!

1 year ago

boy who would have thought that when sam created this comic in high school it would lead him to what he’s become today . great artwork sam i’m glad that we get to see these drawings of crossfire outpost from your youth .