My Apprentice

By | February 21, 2019

“Continuing where ‘Too Good To Put Down’ left off, Isabelle’s journey begins as she seeks to track down the elusive Fox. Will she find him? Even if she does, what makes her think the Fox would be willing to take her as his apprentice? Isabelle may only find trouble down the foxhole.”

Stars Bars and Stripes
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1 year ago

Love the series, hehe for real

3 years ago

First of all, like to say… great animation and storytelling on your part: the characters are intriguing, the lore creative and overall an amazing message towards transsexuals. You have my support and keep up the good work!!

Also a question for you! When Alistair and Sylvana were cursed into animal statues, what influenced their specific transformations cause when Isabelle was transformed into a statue she became a rabbit?

Reply to  tgfan023_
2 years ago

Maybe it has something to do with their spirit animal?