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5 months ago

Isabelle could have easily gotten in trouble with the DSC based on the trail of magic she unknowingly left behind, the Bryan construct that was walking around in a confused manner, and the three Arcane laws she broke. She did not due to Alastair finding out first. Ironically, Damon had an almost similar plot like Isabelle’s only his revenge plan went wrong due to Robin getting pregnant without taking birth control pills and he got in trouble with the DSC even after he tried to help them somehow and beg Ashley to bail him out (probably because the DSC would… Read more »

Brooke Noelle
5 months ago

Isabelle as a vengeful ex, hellbent on turning her scummy boyf into a buxom beauty > Isabelle as anything she’s been since this series, IMO.

5 months ago

IDK what it is but I really like the between images in Meow’s work here. I wonder if that book is up for sale…?

JD Washington
5 months ago

Ah, back when Isabelle was still an immature brat before she met Alistair.

I hope both Jennifer and Isabelle, or should I say Isaiah, are having way more fun in the Beyond comic.

Reply to  JD Washington
5 months ago

They definitely are!