International Setting for Next Comic Series?

By | May 13, 2015

One thing I’ve been thinking about for the third comic series is to set it outside of America. There is one problem I have with it though, and that’s that I might get a lot of things wrong. There might be vocabulary, or terms, or general things I might not know. I don’t want to mistakenly Americanize things because I don’t know how it’s done over there. For example, there’s a thousand differences between American and English terminology [elevator, lift], [hood, bonnet], [faucet, tap], [phone booth, tardis (JK on that one)], [trunk, boot], and many more I’m probably not aware of.

Anyway, the frontrunner country in my mind is not England, but Australia. I think it’s a very interesting setting to use for a comic series. The problem about me not knowing all of the cultural differences would likely lead to me mistakenly Americanizing things, or worse, being too stereotypical about Australians.

Let me know what you think. I’d especially like to hear from those down under.

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4 years ago

Here’s a thought. Take a trip to Australia or any other foreign country you are considering. Enjoy yourself and experience the culture firsthand. And because it would be for job related research, it could be a valid tax deduction for your business.

5 years ago

Trash can, Bin
Is the 1st one that comes to mind
Also Mom and Mum

5 years ago

Well im an Australian would be pretty cool to see a setting there

Edvin Simonsson
5 years ago

Sweden. All the Girls here are blondies, or so what they say…

5 years ago

My vote if it means anything is for Cuba the culter food and people including women are all great plus it would give the less wealthy fans a little love.

Aussie 736
5 years ago

Australia would be a great setting. Don’t worry too much about getting small details wrong, Aussies are used to being stereotyped and being portrayed incorrectly. Another option would be use some Australian members for the voices, that way they could help pick up and fix any mistakes.

5 years ago

A big challenge for an Aussie setting is going to depend on where the characters come from. Much of the “stereotypical” Aussie language tends to be found in more rural or outback areas. I’m from Melbourne in Victoria, and find that the language spoken by the majority tends to be more diverse these days (I’ve had people ask me if I’m American or English, but I grew up here). Factors that may influence could include location (city, rural, outback), state (I’ve been to Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales and the accent and phrases can change quite a bit),… Read more »

5 years ago

would be cool if it was like another shifting roommates one, but where it takes place a bit diffrently, like the main chacter still lives at home right and his sister always catching him doing things diffrently then the boys she knows, like putting on lipstick and tring on her clotthing and such, then fox shows up and explains why he is so diffrent to both the brother and sister. and as she starts to treat him better and understands whay he is going threw it changes him as a girl peice by piece, so like her love brings out… Read more »

5 years ago

Australia that’s where I’m livin mate
Come and have a look around if like what u see then there is the base of ur story

Misha Kulak
5 years ago

I’m an Belarus!

5 years ago

Just a thought, make up a country. It can’t be any harder then trying to do one correct.

5 years ago

I would vote for New Zealand. I’ve been there many times. It is an unbelievably beautiful country with very friendly people and progressive ideas. I think that it combines the best of both England and Australia and possesses and exotic location to boot.
There is always a chance of over Americanizing any location that you chose, and yes I’m a little bias, but New Zealand is just such a magical place. I hope that you will consider it.

Reply to  Ryoko
5 years ago

New Zealand? You mean Middle Earth? Kidding, but I agree, that place is beautiful.

5 years ago

I suggest Russia. It is very hard to be transgender in this country. And only a few get permissions to change their gender. So the magic transformation is very required 🙂

5 years ago

so many experts……….just do your thing….foxx……we’re with ya……..all the way……..

5 years ago

Actually I think Aussie is an excellent choice. Not so different it will be too difficult, yet still different.
Don’t stress about avoiding stereotypes, they are all based on real examples. No, most Aussie guys don’t call girls Sheila’s but I’ve drunk in pubs where more do than don’t.
2 important points, we Kiwi’s invented Pavlova not the Aussies and Marmite is better than Vegemite!
Seriously, don’t stress about getting it perfect. I for one would only grin when you got it wrong and enjoy a view into even 1 Americans view of our end of the world.