Getting Into Character – Stealing From Sis

By | November 27, 2022

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1 month ago

how should I go in ,i come from china

Reply to 
2 days ago


Albert Cepeda
2 months ago

good ep loved it

2 months ago


I really enjoyed these “What If” ideas.

I’m sure beyond is full of em but still.

Kinda want more here.

2 months ago

Really love the way the breast growth is done in this one, but after rewatching several times I started wondering if I’d enjoy it more without the oversized penis in the shot. So…I made some amateur MS paint edits and combined them into an animated gif:

2 months ago

Alyssa and Madelyn sisterly love is like Zoey and Heather getting along due to the younger sister fitting perfectly in clothes

JD Washington
Reply to  kenwin07
2 months ago

Madelyn is more supportive and a way better sister than Heather, though.

2 months ago

00:34 It’s not stealing. It’s borrowing!

The animation, while not its smoothest for SF standards, still felt very expressive, especially with the inchworm motions of the bra and the red dress bobbing up and down to say yes.There was a relatively good balance of elements from both SF series in this one-shot.The background music felt fitting, but not overpowering.Cons:
The sexual arousal bits might’ve gone on just a BIT to far, as in some 30 seconds. Largely just a nitpick, though.
This one’s a surprising 9/10. Just…great job!

Last edited 2 months ago by AuraTerrorbird
2 months ago

I love this ive watched like 4 times now xxxx

2 months ago

Only bad thing about this version, Alyssa/Austin won’t get the large settlement from cosmetic enhancement, so there wouldn’t be a spokesperson job.