Getting Into Character Act 18

By | December 17, 2019

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6 months ago

It feels a little wrong to make Alyssa discover her sexuality like that. Ah well. As long as nobody is getting hurt.

9 months ago

Episode 19 please

Reply to  Lolbro69
9 months ago

They’ll release it on 27th. Only 13 days to go I can’t wait for it either I’m so excited!! <3

10 months ago

Alyssa has all that money and yet she is still ‘borrowing’ Madelyn’s nail polish.

10 months ago

This is definitely one of Sam’s best videos ever. I just love the way these characters connect, I’ve been watching this series for so long and don’t ever want it to end. I want to see Austin become Alyssa fully. And if there’s an alternate ending on beyond, I’ll watch that another time… Can’t get the subscription yet. This is my favourite series on this website and I don’t want it to end like most of the other series… At least a kiss or another night out with Isaac or something… Great work!

11 months ago

Austin is far more comfortable acting as Alyssa than being himself.
I suspect that he will get to plunge that cock of his into his crush, his sister’s lovely friend soon.

JD Washington
11 months ago

That picture of Alyssa in the thumbnail is just so damn cute.

11 months ago

this is by far my favorite series

Levi D Dalv
11 months ago

Were the clothes bought in Episode 15, ‘girly’ I didn’t see them as Tomboy?

The Emerald Panther
11 months ago

Madelyn could be eavesdropping in on them after she left.
Things could really get out of hand here.
I think Madelyn is going to regret this later.
Where did Alyssa’s car go?

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  The Emerald Panther
11 months ago

Madelyn is of course going to be ‘eavesdropping’

11 months ago

Look I get copyrighted issues and such but as neat as the ending song is I still want to hear “Dude looks like a lady” anyone else agree

Reply to  Jennythepenny2015
11 months ago

Not me, I like the song but my fav alternative is the last verse of Obladee the Obladah where Desmond makes up her pretty face and in the evening is a singer and with the band.

11 months ago

Now Austin / Alyssia looks at the others differently !!

11 months ago

uhhh hiding a boner in yoga pants… I don’t think that’s how it works tho

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
11 months ago

Welp THAT’S a way to find out if one is gay/bi or not *grin* :3

Levi D Dalv
11 months ago

Trent is really doing a good job. Looks like Alyssa will be dating Isaac in no time. Hahaha

James Caras
11 months ago

And now the drama and intrigue begins.