Exchange Siblings Page 277

By | February 12, 2024

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14 days ago

So they let go of the stones, I wonder if that will cause them to remain mid transformation or if it is merely an artist’s choice and nothing will actually happen.

14 days ago

Wouldn’t it be a little funny if they would just stop transforming now, because he let go?

14 days ago

They let go of the stones and they are just floating around !?

Reply to  Debra
14 days ago

Doesn’t seem like a good thing. Should’ve put them on wrist straps!

14 days ago

The stone seems to be cheating for them both.

JD Washington
14 days ago

That’s it, then. Their transformations do have side effects.

Lindsey gets bigger, while Hunter becomes hornier.

Reply to  JD Washington
13 days ago

And Lindsey gets hornier, and Hunter gets Jay to become bigger. Hmm…

 stones noun:  (slang) Testicles; balls.

14 days ago

Hunter….not the brightest bulb on the tree…comment image