Exchange Siblings Page 276

By | February 11, 2024

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5 months ago

“I’m only horny when I am in your body”, spoke the girl with a drawer full of dildos. “Why am I still so horny when I’m in your body?”, asked the boy who apparently forgot about the drawer full of dildos. Both are horny af, just that she uses the advantage of not having morals and only the thought “I can’t get pregnant as a man and it’s not my reputation / life that could be damaged” to be confident and proud of it while making his gf pregnant. He’s at least a bit ashamed about possibly damaging her reputation… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Ritus
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Ritus
5 months ago

Honestly, I hope that Lexi and Hunter become mothers

5 months ago

Lindsey is such a condescending bitch! She is clearly trying to control everything about their swaps. Her hypocritical “It’s ok for me to have sex in your body but not for you in my body” clearly shows so much about her personality.

Reply to  shadowhawk1
5 months ago

They’re both terribly flawed people: both are exam cheaters; Lindsey controlling and hypocritical; Hunter a pushover, a serial liar, and perhaps even (apart from what the stones do) suffering from Dissociative identity disorder or something. Maybe a good high school guidance counselor could help them a little with such issues, if they were even self-aware of their problems (they don’t seem to be, much). Of course, they definitely aren’t equipped to handle body swap dilemmas! I guess more dramatic story possibility was seen in having fatally flawed characters. And still no curiosity on their part about who or what is… Read more »

James Caras
5 months ago

Lies tend to catch up with people. Lindsay is going to go ballistic when she learns the truth.

5 months ago

Yknow Hunter if it doesn’t come from you it’ll come from Jay and she ain’t gonna like that shit.

What happened to “honest and open” with each other??

JD Washington
5 months ago

Or maybe it’s because Lindsey is a damn hypocrite?

Rules for thee, not for me.

5 months ago

Hunter, Did you notice all of those ‘toy’s in your sisters drawer?comment image